With more and more applications employing sleek design, along with transparency, touch and durability, it’s clear that Corning® Gorilla® Glass offers a new design paradigm. Gorilla Glass is thin – from .4 mm to 2 mm – and therefore lightweight. But it’s also damage resistant. Add in scratch-resistance, advanced touch capabilities and superior surface quality and you have a recipe for brilliant, breakthrough possibilities.

Gorilla Glass is an ideal cover glass for the most innovative electronic devices, from smartphones to slates to PCs. Many companies have not only integrated Gorilla Glass, but designed for it. Look for Corning® Gorilla® Glass on over 33 major brands, 2,450 product models and 2.7 billion devices worldwide.


Consumers are demanding more from their mobile phones. They want devices that are thinner, lighter, and aesthetically pleasing – but also durable enough to resist the abuses that come with mobility. And they want scratch resistance and advanced touch capability that puts the world at their fingertips. Visually stunning, incredibly tough Gorilla Glass enables today’s sleekest smartphone designs, while providing exceptional damage resistance to the scratches and bumps of everyday use. LEARN MORE >>


Slates and tablets are one of the fastest-growing segments ever in consumer electronics. This trend combines the portability of mobile phones with the sophisticated capability of a PC, in a streamlined device. Gorilla Glass is amazingly thin and lightweight to enable today’s sleek slate and tablet designs. It features exceptional durability to help protect screens from the scratches and bumps of everyday use. And it is sensitive enough for today’s most advanced touch applications. LEARN MORE >>


Sleek designs, greater portability, and advanced multimedia offerings are placing new demands on personal computers. Beautiful, tough Gorilla Glass enables slimmer, more lightweight notebooks and netbooks, while providing damage resistance to the abuses that come with mobility. And its superior optical quality provides an exceptional visual experience to ensure users get the most out of video content and gaming. LEARN MORE >>

Large Cover Glass

Gorilla Glass is ideal for interactive displays, digital signage and markerboards. It’s tough and so thin it enables more sensitive and accurate response. Corning is investigating use of Gorilla Glass in large format applications to serve the commercial, educational, industrial, and medical industries. LEARN MORE >>

Interior Architecture

Corning® Gorilla® Glass offers a unique combination of toughness and elegance, enabling exciting new design options for interior architecture. The optical clarity of the glass allows customers to realize their vision through true color match – whether pristine whites or vibrant colors. Tough, durable and thin, it also preserves and helps protect the material beneath it with excellent durability and scratch resistance. LEARN MORE >>


Tough, lightweight, and beautiful, Corning Gorilla Glass opens a new world of design possibilities. Available in a variety of form factors, Corning Gorilla Glass is now making these possibilities real across architecture, appliances, automotive, and beyond. LEARN MORE >>


Corning® Gorilla® Glass is a durable cover glass solution widely used in over 2.7 billion consumer electronic devices. Today, Corning is working with designers and manufacturers, such as Egan and Krystal, to apply the features and benefits of Gorilla Glass to markerboard applications. LEARN MORE >>


By using thin, optically clear, and durable Gorilla Glass laminates in auto glass glazing applications, automakers are able to achieve more than 50% weight reduction over conventional soda lime laminates. Gorilla Glass helps customers reduce the weight of the vehicle, meet CO2 requirements, and consume less fuel. LEARN MORE >>